Fitted bedrooms

Everyone deserves a bedroom that is their sanctuary. Here at RGS, we can help.

A good night’s sleep is vital to your physical and mental health and we have all heard the advice about how we should ensure that our environment is conducive to restful sleep. In fact, an article by Good Housekeeping states that

“A study, conducted by New York’s St. Lawrence University, has revealed that a messy bedroom can lead to a poor night’s sleep and increased anxiety.

The study found that people who have more clutter filling the open space in their bedrooms take longer to fall asleep than those with neat and tidy rooms – leading to increased tiredness and making it less likely that they will tidy their room the following day. It’s a vicious, untidy, yawn-fuelled cycle.”

Your bedroom also needs to provide a calm place to escape to after a busy working day and feel as if you can shut out the world and relax.

Well planned bedroom furniture provides an orderly, clutter-free environment. RGS can help you design fitted bedroom firniture to make the best use of your space and ensure that all your belongings can be neatly stowed away out of sight. A custom fitted-wardrobe can seamlessly blend into your wall and leave the rest of the room tidy and welcoming.

Fitted bedroom furniture adds style, organisation and creates a peaceful sleeping environment.

A recent project involved fitting some custom bedroom furniture to make the best use of a specific space. The end result was sleek and tidy.